About us

If you’re in need of private detective services in Romania, then you are at the right place. RDA, the Romanian Detective Agency is one of the first private detective agencies from our country. Founder members of AODPR (Asociatia “Onoare” a Detectivilor Particulari din Romania/ The Romanian Private Detective Association), RDA is the type of private entity that does not hide behind blurred pictures and has her whole history available for anybody to check.

Working in a very sensitive business, we believe that it is very important for our potential clients to know who we are and what we stand for. From the rebirth of the Romanian Private Detective business, after the December 1989 Revolution, this line of work has been mistaken to the private security business and misunderstood by the general public. It was only in 2005 when the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law has started to define the private detective business in Romania and obliged the local detective agencies and private detectives as well, to be licensed by the Romanian Police.

Since then, RDA has proved in numerous occasions that it is probably the best Private Detective Agency from Romania. Working with detectives that have decades of experience and using the latest technology available, we can help you solve your delicate problems that you might encounter while in Romania or dealing with romanian citizens. Please know that RDA is licensed by the National Romanian Police and that all our private detectives are also individually licensed by the Bucharest Police Department. Our advice for every potential client that is in need of professional detective services, is to do a little of detective work himself before hiring a licensed detective agency. By doing that you might save a lot of time, money and also avoid creating another problem instead of solving one.

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