As a Romanian Private Investigator, can you get access emails or other data from cellphones or computers?

– No, this operation is illegal. Providing these kind of services will result not only in losing the private detective license but also serious jail time.

Can you help me find a missing person?

– Yes, a Romanian Private Investigator can help you in this case and RDA is probably the best Romanian Detective Agency that you should contact when it comes to private entities working on “missing persons” cases.

Can you help me find the address of a woman that I’ve meet on the internet?

– No, we hear very often this question and it is mostly about ladies that work on video chat sites. If you never sent her money directly to her (via a bank or transfer service like Western Union or MoneyGram), then your relationship never passed the status of a client/provider one, therefore a Romanian Private Investigator doesn’t have any legal basis to investigate that particular person.

I think that my employees are stealing from me, can your private detectives investigate such a case?

– Yes, the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law gives the Romanian Private Investigator the right to work these type of cases.

I am planning to marry a Romanian girl, can you help me find more informations about her?

– Yes, we can provide premarital investigation services.

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